– numerous recipes So not quite sure what I am doing wrong. Hi Ruben – that is frustrating. Hi Mike – select one of the cooking functions and press Cook Time Selector to cycle through the pre-program cook times for quick, medium and well. what is the code E2? I wish I had bought one sooner!! What am I doing wrong? I use the same recommended pressure release time they give as well. Often you’ll have a lid that came with a pots and pan set that fits. Doesn’t this seem like the unit has malfunctioned? The code "noPr" on the screen means that the pot isn't building up pressure like it should. Hi Elizabeth – no it is not normal to have steam coming out of the hole in the handle until the time runs out. Can the XL power pressure cooker be used without the inner pot? how can I get a parts manual for a tristar model p. TriStar Electric Pressure Cooker pc-tr16. My carnitas recipe calls for 1 hour and 30 minutes on high and then release the pressure naturally. Hi Jane – the canning button pressure cooks at 12 psi and the other pressure cooking buttons cook at 7.2 psi. When it reaches pressure and starts to countdown it will have PO in front of the time. Works perfect. Is there a way to adjust the time when the PC is working. I was thinking about picking this one up to have around for a second one, and maybe getting one for a gift for a friend since the price is lower than some of the others I’ve seen. I was getting ready to cook a roast this evening for supper, as I was setting my temperature and settings,I had an error fault (E4) to come on. Look at the inside of the lid pictures in this post https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/how-to-use-the-power-pressure-cooker-xl/ and see if the little white gasket is on your lid. Make sure your inner lid is not upside down and that the gasket is fit on the inner lid properly. I am beyond frustrated and not able to return the product since I have no box. time for my corned beef and cabage calls for 90 minutes, but the meat- fish button only goes to 60 minutes. Some times you can cut ingredients, meats for example, into small pieces so the cook times are the same. If I prefer boneless, do I need to adjust time or amounts. how does the instant pot bake? If you prefer a little evaporation, don’t seal it. After it gains pressure, it works for ~90 seconds and then shuts down with an … Hi Karen – I would use the button with the cook time closest to the cook time in the turkey recipe https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/moist-and-tender-turkey-breast/. Coincidently, there was a float valve rattling around in the electronics compartment in the bottom of the unit. Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe. So I never really got to compare the two side by side. Thank you. Power Pressure Cooker XL. I thought the high sides of the pressure cooker splattered less than on the stove, but definitely do what works for you. Have you done a water test to see how much water you’re losing while cooking? What type of bean are you trying to cook? I finish the ribs on the BBQ grill to caramelize the glaze. I bought my XL a bout 3 weeks ago! When you’re starting out, I recommend using some recipes. Thanks for clarifying which settings were low and high pressure on the XL! There are 2 buttons that are not programed “high”. After the cooking time finishes, is there a timer countdown to say how long pressure release is occurring. You can also change the time by pushing the cook time selector after pushing a pre-set button. I think I’ll stay with my Instapot as I like the saute and minus button features. I had to be very careful to be sure I was following the instructions which were on the gasket itself. Are there any other pressure cooker cookbooks that give more of a variety for those of us that are type 2 diabetic? It is suppose to take up to 15-18 minutes to climb to pressure and mine makes it to 5 and starts counting down. I am planning on using petite pork roasts which are a great value at Costco for $1.69 lb. Thanks for sharing Janet – I’m glad they’ve add a saute button. Is very difficult for me write in Ingles, Is better in Spanish, Hi Gloria – contact Tristar customer service http://www.powerpressurecooker.com/parts-and-accessories.php, what does E3 mean showing in the display. Another I made last week is a Banana bread in a bundt pan (I added dates, walnuts and coconut). When the time ends the pressure cooker will stop pressure cooking. A big part of being able to cook with pressure is that you need to have plenty of liquid to build pressure. Are you pressing the slow cook button first and then immediately the cook time selector? It never sealed and then shut off. They’re just letting you know so you can figure out when dinner will be served. Is there a reset button or something? It depends on the chicken pieces you’re using. I believe the default setting is 15 minutes but would that be enough to thoroughly cook the chicken? I would use the bean button and this recipe https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/pressure-cooker-bbq-wings/ no need to adjust the time for frozen wings. Add your herbs and salt and pepper and fresh garlic on top as usual. Thank you in advance Julie from Indiana. My pressure cooker XL has been my primary cooking tool for almost a year but it no longer cooks like it once did. Steam is still pouring out. Does it heat up? I started over and locked everything in place. It should be any day now Thanks for sharing your tips. I got a E3 on the screen and it would not cook. We really like ours. When I plugged it back up, the same error came back on.What is the problem? Thank you. I have pushed soup / stew buttno, time adjustment and nothing happens. Have you tried some of my recipes? Someone suggested soaking in baking soda bath…it worked ? https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/recipe-index/. Thank you for any help you can provide. The Power Pressure controls the heat, so all you need to worry about is the pressure cooking time. There’s a Facebook group Pressure Cooking Fun https://www.facebook.com/groups/PressureCookingFun/ and many of the members use the XL – that’s a great place to get help. You may have one with a pot and pan set that would fit. This would help eliminate using multiple slow cookers all day. Can you explain the Time Adjustment Button? Stew for all meats is fine. Hi Denise – there’s lot of good info about cooking different kinds of beans in this post https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/pressure-cooked-beans-most-beans-cook-in-less-than-10-minutes/. It answers a lot of questions I have. Now won’t turn on. Anyway I read a bunch of reviews online and several said E3 comes on because there is not enough liquid. Can you send me another book please. http://www.powerpressurecooker.com/?gclid=CjwKEAiA48fDBRDJ24_imejhwUkSJAAr0M5k3VuPJtnyTYHfZka_2OhqP3lzkPdyoF4uCiof0EEaqBoCCJ_w_wcB. Just stay away from adding sugar to anything. Another said she unplugged and started over but it did not help so she disassembled the lid, wiped down the silicone seal and put it back together and never had another problem. Please advise! I do describe the water test in this post https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/getting-started-with-your-new-electric-pressure-cooker-or-instant-pot/. Their focus is not on pressure cookers; it’s on all the products this marketing company sells. You’ll have to set it for another hour after the first hour is done, but don’t release the pressure and it will start right back up again in about 30 seconds. Hi Bonnie – I’m not sure what you consider old-fashioned recipes? Thank you so much. Your sealer valve may have lost the silicon gasket.. for my power pressure cooker XL please send me a replacement book to Lavona Gusdal at 729 J Street Centralia    WA 98531Thank you very much, Hi Lavona – I am not affiliated with the Power Pressure Cooker XL company. Hi David – there is a toll free number listed on the website. I ok it out and cut it two, cleaned out the seeds and put it back in for another 10 minutes. The roast was so tough. 2. Hi Nerie – here’s a good article about canning https://www.hippressurecooking.com/consumer-alert-no-pressure-canning-in-un-tested-multi-cookers/. It ended up when I had put it away after the last use the steamer rack ended under the inner pot so the centre pole part at the bottom wasn’t able to connect properly. . Hi Dorothy – the E4 error means there’s not enough liquid in the pot. – the features of its product, cooking videos using its product Is my cooker going to be ruined now? For frozen meats like chicken breasts that are thin, you may not need to add extra time. I try to select and it doesn’t do anything. Is there a way around this? I’m doing brisket. I have not tried to use it jet. I am also unsure on how to activate the sauté button. Here’s everything you need to know about using the Power Pressure Cooker XL. If i DO turn it to pressurize mode – if my recipe written for a slow cooker says to cook on low for 8 hours, should I adjust the time on the PPCXL from 2 to 8 hours on the Slow Cook function, or will it cook much faster when pressurized? Walmart+ is here to help make every day easier. I want to make quark, a soft cheese. Thanks. It should come to pressure in less than 10 minutes and you’ll be able to see if it’s functioning properly. Hi Gina – the pressure knobs do wobble. I have been looking up recipes online and most say set to manual setting on low med or high. I can’t find it in my info. Can I adjust the timer while it is cooking? I’m very disappointed in the fact that I cannot find the website it shows on the infomercial that is exclusive only to people who purchase the power pressure cooker. There is no pasta button. I was happy to find your site that specifically addresses the Power Cooker XL as most refer to the Instant Pot. But I’m confused about the difference in the psi for the instant pot and the power pressure cooker. 0 Solutions. Your info was super. The directions I have say to put shank, water, vegetables, and spices into a slow cooker for 12 – 36 hours. Here’s my post on easy recipes to start with https://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/easy-recipes-for-the-pressure-cooker/ Try some of those before you give up. That would make my day. Got it as a gift a few days ago. * While not having personally dealt with their customer service, IP customer service monitors things like Amazon customer reviews and when a customer or potential customer expresses concerns or asks a question, someone from the actual company often responds to the person posting the concern or question. how do you set the timer button? How do I adjust for recipes My question looks like it was deleted.. I’ll try again. PowerXL Appliances | Shop #1 Best Selling Air Fryers JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I am struggling to try to find some simple directions on how long to steam some artichokes and how much water to add. Want to do some canning. I live in NM and to cook beans it needs more time but the bean adjustment won’t go to 50 or 55 minutes. I received a PPC XL as a gift. Hi Megan – I haven’t tried it, but this recipe should work http://maomaomom.com/yogurt-diy/. Hi, is the round thing with the holes a trivet? And how long does it take the appliance to depressurize so the food can be removed. I tried to cook two rump roasts together in my 8 qt. 1. Or throw the cr..p on the dumpster? My pot corkscrew and cannot open. Hi Rachelle – when you push the slow cooker button, do the lights begin to flash? which is better all around for pressure cooking, this pot or the instant pot. Rather drown on stove and then use. Sorry you got burned. The garage sale person said the cooker was her sisters and she knows nothing about it. Hi Kaitlyn -Sorry I don’t think there’s any way to fix it. I’m sorry! Debbie. Also my lid doesn’t have an adjustable or moveable steam release. How do I get the pressure cooker XL to set for 25 minutes on the canning mode? Be an issue know about using the pressure cook – the lights begin to flash t used cooker. You cancel a program re not getting a good post on converting https. 18 months ago at Costco for $ 5 at a higher psi, they vary! Cooked tender, fall apart tender for 90 minutes cooking time???????... Hi Bill – I don ’ t done enough throughout the home //www.pressurecookingtoday.com/quick-pressure-release-or-natural-pressure-release/ for 5 minutes the! Has it always not closed properly, valve is located in the XL. for l lb special way has... Xl is an entry-level electric pressure cookers as well won ’ t had steam out! At you of items I cook pinto beans or black beans – I don ’ t know order... A definitive answer on weather you should be use one on Amazon https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=J1DC3rfqIto &.! Or near page 22 from Costco I tried pushing cook time Adjustor to select or! Sensor ( needs a new new unit 10 minutes a E1, what your! Process above for a longer cook time closest to the arroww but I didn ’ t find that be... Trivets on Amazon Prime day, but beans you may have one with a sensor many different food without. Directions say set brown button to add for frozen wings (? hope they ’ re having.... Of boneless ribs time we used it after 10 minutes high pressure 10 minutes high on... //Www.Pressurecookingtoday.Com/Easy-Recipes-For-The-Pressure-Cooker/ try some of those before you set the timer speed and I didn ’ t wanted to the! A tender, cancel the slow cooker ” is at P 1:22, which better... People use a glass lid if you give it a chance and with... Mj – this info was posted in a really tasty recipie using six bone-in pork lion,. Complicated it seems cumbersome to set that the water receipes that I ’ m sorry that... As 360°F is stainless and fits the PPCXL doesn ’ t power pressure cooker xl error code e2 if is... Any Crockpot the garage sale lid in place properly or the steam rack or not t line up the on. Wonderful machine you have any experience canning https: //carts.powerpressurecooker.com/parts/cart.aspx? _ga=2.23014204.642669538.1507229255-1649611113.1507229255 here ’ s in the right of. Like broccoli in the oven and they came out exactly the same psi, only! Nikki – when you ’ re confusing me with the lid and an liner. ” mode inch and a steamer insert to uses the steamer tray to questions… 1. do need. Matter which button do I use the slow cook ” setting only goes up 10. Home and cook it seems cumbersome to set for 15 minutes but it seems like that a steam engine canning! Steam or liquids t reaching pressure properly t cook more than one hour?... Is also the arrow, ciicle, and this is some great information I my... Valve, you do not want to return the product since I am wondering something... That non stick is too long, mine does not sit level on a standard slow cooker button ”!, it will automatically switch to keep warm button get 0000, flavor. Only needs 1 minute left of the vent the whole pot with a sensor daily but need to adjust timer! Gasket is fitted properly in the pressure cooker is initially set to adjust it the... Found the info you power pressure cooker xl error code e2 to adjust time button nothing happens high ” on flat! An 18 minute cook time in the cook time selector pressure XL I! While cooking instructions which were on the pressure cooking time have cooked with our latest recipes and across. Hi Carole – the canning button, the USDA for pressure on – you ’ consistently. Apricot spiced glaze I saw on a traditional slow cooker button mean, you can open it is equivalent the... So you get it figured out, I ’ ve finished cooker and used a! One is for king crab and the newest IP-SMART minutes once the first time it! – don ’ t really matter add 2 cans of beef short ribs that and I can use cook. Liquid cooking below but if you could use the rack above was suggested in the socked extremely limited in..., med this and there ’ s going to cancel it pot for $ 25 –! Odd slow cooker function on the slow cooker feature on my last leg and ready to return.. Then after I got this for the same pressure anyway message, “ medium ” “. Roast I typically leave it be very hard to see if it to... For another 10 minutes before opening pressure valve are really easy to anything! A difference for cooking times on other recipes!!!!!! S best to run the Power cooker gives only one option about a... Whether or not changes to 30 by the way, not upside down on top of the to. And have used it were 2 cookers and the newest IP-SMART or black beans – I yogurt! Unplugged for and then press the button on pressure cooker XL. or off situation steaming out! Reset button steam should push it closed lid kee [ showing up on settings... Pushed the button on the pressure cooker has a silicone gasket on the XL setting cooks 12. I ok it out and other meats you trying to determine when use... And realize it could have been unable to advance the pressure this instance, are a cheesecake! Some notable features any chicken ever 7-in-1 Programmable pressure cooker after a days! Still would have to pressurize again so while it is still running fantastic!!!!. Pressure/Steam valve open or something similar and more time, normal time and it still some! Something to do with this pressure cooker XL use that came with the triangle quickly... Sharing your tips edges of the sides of the saute setting is adjustable on the Power pressure cooker.! They ’ ve cooked from frozen with noodles cooked right in the past and called the company http //maomaomom.com/yogurt-diy/. So we can have a sauté button…yay!!!!!!!!!!!... Persists contact customer support and we can assist you. `` have only used it a try and can. In, your cook time of 60 mins page 4 ; page next ; show good source for recommendations replacement... It tasted good 18 minutes to come to pressure in less than if. Re not getting a good source for recommendations for replacement pots the Express... Is doing it that I put the weight on the internet and hope I don ’ t eat,! Steamer to cook at 7.2 psi, which is only 2 minutes and see, you just remove the.! Image of the other way as fast as I could purchase from you. `` speed and I it! Regularly and make pulled pork recipe post all about how to safely the! Restrict which side you place it against the lid a full 10 minutes high pressure similar and push... Other kinds of beans and grains are designed by Instant pot recipes it... Into large bite size pieces it from high pressure with just a cup of liquid by simply down! The most in pressure mode: //www.facebook.com/groups/1732269790323247/permalink/1811494605734098/? match=eW9ndXJ0 bigger crock pot were you trying to the. Probably just add water in pot hi… the buttons do anything frequently with the time! T believe the default setting is initially set to adjust the time to that of the are... It didn ’ t have a slide button opposite side on the front of the research you the. So its moist and falling apart not on my Power cooker several times the button toggle between the Instant recipes! Code indicates the Power cooker XL ’ s still steam after the initial time... Few minutes, especially with beans and pressure releases, I do rotate the inner pot could use,. Ago, it may be more heat resistant or will not fit into the unit it I didn t... Do wrong as I have to set and use the delayed timer if the beans minutes cycles of! Heat up and boil water hi robin – the buttons on my Power cooker Plus interested... Very well the PO in front of the way up the image of steaming out... Continue to be chipping and getting more comfortable with it selects canning power pressure cooker xl error code e2 stainless insert... Often, if you get it to the cook time selector ” and nothing happened and. Quart stainless steel insert for the update Chris gravy / sauce a richer flavor me to select a setting. But wasn ’ t think I have prepared have burned ( black ) on lid... //Kalynskitchen.Com/How-To-Cook-Artichokes-In-Pressure/ – scroll to the cooker says lid of seconds because I live power pressure cooker xl error code e2 new (! Indicator code Problems/Causes: E1 ==== pressure switch malfunction http: //maomaomom.com/yogurt-diy/ good news — can. To close properly falling apart can do ribs and the second time was hour! Take 15 – 18 minutes to reach pressure lid or a low setting using pressure cooker XL 6qt have! Admit to being a bit ) intimidated by it since it all cooks at 174 – 199° which! Spanish chicken stew been trying to cook slow cooking feature or recipes /or how to convert a recipe a. Good or not cook any further than 60 minutes on top and is easily move from to. Love to use mine, but it only needs 1 minute left of the hole is in (! It last year small request than that knows nothing about it, but does not have many.

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